Economy June 17, 2020 | 9:20 am

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Leading remitter says dollar crunch eases

Santo Domingo.- The company Caribe Express on Tuesday said the economic upheaval caused in the country by the pandemic produced a drastic decrease in the main cash-generating foreign exchange entities, such as tourism, border trade, exports, among other productive activities.

In a press release, the remittance company said the situation caused difficulties to obtain that currency, which was reflected in the remittance payments in dollars.

“Thanks to the Central Bank’s wise decision to import cash dollars to face the shortage in the market, this situation has been mitigating, which in turn helps us adequately cope with the distribution of remittances to be paid in dollars to our clients, thus complying with the instructions received from the senders,” Caribe Express said.

The remitter added that “we hope that these measures are maintained, and that the Central Bank continues to provide cash dollars to the entire sector until the conditions of the economy allow a return to normal. This will help us maintain the customary efficiency of the service we offer to our valued customers.”

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