Economy July 14, 2020 | 7:31 am

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Dominican Republic’s Central Banker to stay in the post

Santo Domingo.- The confirmation of Héctor Valdez Albizu as governor of the Central Bank in the administration that will be headed by president-elect, Luis Abinader, has spurred wide reactions, some of rejection “for the time that the official has in office,” and others of support, citing the experience necessary due to the economic crisis from the pandemic.

Abinader, who will assume the presidency on August 16 after winning the elections on July 5, announced on Monday afternoon the names of the officials who will be part of his economic and financial team.

Among them is Valdez Albizu. Regarding his choice, the new president explained that he asked him to remain in office “in the face of the current crisis” and that he had accepted.

His tenure in office in different administrations is seen by many as a sign of his great ability and experience. Others think, among them the next president, that the current economic crisis merits his work at the institution.

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