Economy August 30, 2021 | 3:51 pm

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Pro Consumer says 75 essential products have dropped in price in recent weeks

Santo Domingo, DR

The executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Dr. Eddy Alcántara, reported that a total of 75 basic food products had experienced a decrease in their prices in recent weeks.

Alcántara explained that according to the latest reports of the price surveys in supermarkets, grocery stores, warehouses, and markets carried out by the Department of Advertising Analysis and Prices of Pro Consumidor, in addition to those products that have fallen in value, another 87 have remained unchanged.

He stressed that the latest report of the price survey that concluded last Friday showed that among the products that presented a drop in their prices are frozen processed chickens, soybean oil per gallon of 128 ounces, milk powder in cans of 1,600 grams, milk powder sheath of 2,269 grams, economic eggs, milk powder in a 360-gram sheath, whole chicken thighs, 2,200-gram milk powder, and green pear.

Also, white sugar, red beans sanjuaneras, select imported garlic premium, green gandules, yellow cheese, black beans, broccoli, eggs, margarine, watermelon, celery, sweet orange, white potato, red beans, melon, American oats, sapote, and Persian lemons.

They have also experienced a drop in their prices: vinegar, liquid milk, green bananas, beans, pintas sanjuaneras, sopita, cauliflower, Creole cucumber, and details a statement from the institution.

He said that the uprising to which reference is made is hanging on the institution’s platform for consultation of citizens.

Criticize politicians

The head of Pro Consumidor took the opportunity to criticize politicians who want to take advantage of the situation caused by the increase in raw materials in international markets due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

“There are sectors that instead of providing solutions to overcome this crisis that affects the country, what they seek is to extract political capital, which is very questionable,” he said.

He maintained that it is inexplicable that politicians with state experience want to politicize this situation to gain sympathy in the people.

Alcántara said that he sees with concern that these politicians are more concerned with making a media and negative exercise with the situation that the nation is experiencing “instead of making viable proposals that help solve the problems that affect all Dominicans as a result of the pandemic.”

“All together, as Dominicans who hurt our country, we must face this situation, which everyone knows is not the responsibility of the government, because it is a global crisis,” he added.

He said that those same characters, whom he called “politicians,” who walk around the neighborhoods wanting to extract political capital from the crisis, “know better than anyone that the economic policy of the government of President Luis Abinader places us as the second country with the lowest inflation rate.”

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