Economy September 13, 2021 | 7:56 am

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Pandemic changed the profile of tourists

Santo Domingo.- When the reopening of the borders was authorized in July 2020, the tourism landscape was no longer the same and, although some of the characteristics remain, the profile of the tourist who now visits the Dominican Republic was transformed after the arrival of the pandemic.

The typical visitor is still largely American, but now there are more Latinos arriving in the country. Boricuas, Spaniards, Colombians, and Venezuelans now join North American tourists as the most frequent visitors to the country.

The data handled by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic as of July indicates that 70% of the visitors arriving in the country are from the United States, and that 3% come from Puerto Rico, 2.91% from Spain, 2.8% from Venezuela and 2.78% from Colombia.

Two years earlier, when tourism had not been subjected to the onslaught of the pandemic, the tourist was predominantly North American – both Americans and Canadians – but the rest were more European, between French and Russians.

But COVID-19, between waves of infections, closures and reopening, has left tourism in countries such as Canada and much of Europe intermittently, which is evident when changes in the profile of the visitor who come to the Dominican Republic.

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