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Ecotourism Fair seeks to boost the economy and expand agriculture in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The Science and Art Foundation, under the guidance of directors José Serulle Ramia and Jacqueline Boin, proudly introduced the Twenty-Seventh Ecotourism and Production Fair. This event is designed with the primary goal of showcasing and advancing the community of El Cercado, situated within the San Juan region of El Valle.

The overarching objective of this endeavor is to transform ecotourism and sustainable production into viable avenues for economic, social, cultural, and environmental progress within the Dominican Republic’s communities. The ultimate aim is to foster comprehensive development throughout the region.

José Serulle emphasized the potential of ecotourism as an alternative for development, one that doesn’t necessitate extensive financial investments. He elaborated on the idea that communities, in collaboration with local businesses, can pool their resources and establish eco-friendly accommodations, create pathways to visit attractions like spas and harness the natural treasures of the area.

This remarkable event is scheduled to take place from November 16 to 26 of this year under the overarching theme: “For the preservation of the Neiba mountain range and the rational management of the Macasías sub-basin-Artibonito basin! For sustainable agriculture and comprehensive development!”

Jacqueline Boin stressed that the purpose of these fairs extends beyond merely showcasing the beauty of a region; it is a platform to facilitate community development and capture the attention of relevant authorities. Among the key objectives is stimulating the local economy and ensuring its equitable distribution among the community members. Additionally, there is a commitment to expand and enhance agricultural practices in the region.

José Serulle, in his remarks, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving these objectives. He noted that raising awareness within the community is paramount, underlining that “divided, we will not achieve anything.” He further clarified that the fair serves as a catalyst, but their true aspiration is for people to come together, improve their living conditions, and recognize the intrinsic value of their natural and cultural resources.

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