Local May 26, 2015 | 9:17 am

As deadline to register looms Haitian-Dominicans fear deportation

Santo Domingo.- The Denationalized People’s Solidarity Committee on Monday urged the government’s "maximum restraint" and precaution to prevent deporting those born in the country of undocumented foreign parents, once the deadline in the National Plan to Regularize Aliens expires on June 17.

The Committee denounced that one year after Naturalization Law 169-14 was enacted many Dominicans of foreign descent, mostly Haitians, have been unable to register because of the Central Electoral Board’s alleged requirements including documents from their parents.

"Our situation worsens because although there is a law, the Board (Central Electoral) is in contempt and people who’ve been able to get their card and certificate are a minority," said Elena Lorac, one of the people affected.

In a press conference in the Dominican Journalists Guild Lorac alleged that the Board continues to demand nullification proceedings, and denies many of them.

The Committee executives warned the government that the deportation of Haitian-Dominicans spur international scandals.

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