Local February 29, 2016 | 12:25 pm

INTERPOL updates data on Peravia bank fraud fugitives

Santo Domingo.- The International Police (INTERPOL) updatesits international arrest warrants and alerts for Daniel Alejandro MoralesSantoro, Maria Cristina Santoro Martiradona, Maria Cristina Martiradona de Santoro,and José Luis Santoro Castellano, in connection with the collapsed Peravia bank.

INTERPOL’s website features pictures and updates on thefugitives of the Peravia case, indicted on various counts including bank fraud,money laundering and embezzling the savings of foreigners and Dominicans alike.

Cesar Amadeo Peralta, attorney for several investors whowere cheated, said the entire Peravia bank was a fraudulent operation.

He said the international arrest warrants against severalbank executives, was requested so that the defendants have shown a totaldisregard for Dominican justice.

Peravia executives Jorge Serret Sugranez, Carlos SerretSugranez, Nelson Serret Sugranez, Pausides Morales, and Yesenia Serret, andDominican Army Col. Florentino de Jesus Acosta are being held pending trial.

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