Local August 1, 2016 | 8:11 am

Fiery bus crash in Dominican Republic kills 6, injures 17

Nagua, Dominican Republic.- Six people died and 17 were injuredSunday afternoon when a passenger bus crashed into a utility pole and burstinto flames.

The collision occurred near Colorado, Nagua (north), whenthe bus was traveling on the Nagua-Sánchez road headed to Higuey, their presumedhometown, said Sergio Vargas, a member of the Red Cross in the area.

Vargas said the injured were taken to a hospital in Nagua,while others with serious burns were taken to Santo Domingo.

The Civil Defense identified most of the deceased,including a five year-old. Several of the injured are in serious condition.

Some of the passengers sustained injuries and burns whiletrying to leave the bus that was engulfed in flames.

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