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Starting in June, a new RD $ 500 banknote will circulate in Dominican Republic

New 500 peso banknote to be issued in DR in June.

Santo Domingo. The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) reported that a new RD $ 500 banknote, series 2017, will circulate from June 1, which will contain the isotype or graphic symbol with the visual identity of the institution.

In the upper-right part of the main face, where the busts of Doña Salomé Ureña de Henríquez and Don Pedro Henríquez Ureña appear, the isotype or visual symbol of the BCRD is integrated, accompanied by the value of the denomination in numerical characters in a vertical arrangement.

In addition, the isotype or visual symbol is printed with optically variable magnetic ink, which changes color from gold to green, and has a drop effect, giving the sensation of undulating sand.

The RD $ 500.00 banknote with this new isotype or visual symbol contains the same security features as those currently in circulation, which maintain their validity for the payment of all public and private obligations.

The Central Bank informs that this 500 pesos bill is issued pursuant to the provisions contained in Articles 228,229 and 230 of the Constitution of the Republic and Article 25, paragraphs a) and c) of the Monetary and Financial Law No. 183-02.

The process of changing the isotype or graphic symbol of the institution has been completed on the banknotes of national circulation until it adapts to the new institutional visual identity.

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