Local October 22, 2020 | 4:49 pm

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Transport organizations request installation of vehicle chargers in the South

Various transport organizations in the southern region today requested the Government to continue granting construction permits for the large-scale installation of electric charging stations and natural gas in the country, contemplated in the Dominican Transportation Support Program (Patrado).

The president requested the Transport Consortium and the Southern Transport Confederation (Cotrasur), Ceferino Velázquez, who stated that investors and transporters could contribute most of the resources through a public-private alliance.

He assured, “our investors can invest 85% of the resources required to develop the Cotrasur project, to contribute to the modernization process of public passenger and cargo transport.”

He predicted that with the installation of “pumps” for electrical charges and natural gas, the economy would become more dynamic, thus counteracting the coronavirus pandemic’s ravages. It also foresees that with the implementation of Patrado the transport sector will fully take off.

He added that the initiative would lower the costs of vehicular traffic, which would be a “great relief” for passengers’ pockets. He said that with the massive use of electric vehicles and natural gas, the Government could, through an agreement, include it in the feeder routes of the Santo Domingo Metro and Cable Car.

“This would allow passengers to travel more freely and safely to their respective destinations across the country.”

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