Local November 7, 2020 | 7:29 am

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Binational market reopening generates great enthusiasm at the Dominican border

The entry of Haitian buyers and sellers was done in compliance with the Dominican and Haitian authorities’ sanitary protocol.

Santo Domingo, DR

After being closed for about nine months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the binational market that takes place Monday and Friday in Dajabón was gradually reopened yesterday, and hundreds of Haitians rushed to cross this territory to exchange trade with Dominicans.

 The mayor of Dajabón, Santiago Riverón, the director of the Specialized Corps for Terrestrial Border Security Cesfront, General José Manuel Durán Infante, the governor Rosalba Milagros Peña, the provincial director of Public Health, Francisco García, attended the opening ceremony of the common fair. Abigail Bueno and Freddy Morillo, presidents of the Association and the Federation of Merchants of this province, respectively, a commission of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, representatives of Customs, Migration, and other personalities.

Sanitary protocol
Haitian buyers’ and sellers’ entry was done in compliance with the Dominican and Haitiaauthorities’ sanitary protocols.

Haitians entered in lines, and at both border gates, their temperatures were taken; they were required to use masks, wash their hands, and maintain physical distance.

Even though hundreds managed to enter Dajabón to stock up on various products, others gathered on the banks of the Massacre River and the gate on the Haitian side, trying to enter en masse to stock up on essential items scarce in their country.

However, entry was restrictive, and many were unable to enter, which led to discontent.

Mayor Santiago Riverón proclaimed that as there can be no tumult in the market area, they established certain restrictive rules.

He said that depending on the number of people who leave the market, another amount is allowed to enter in the same proportion.

That the rules are met
“This is a pilot plan that has been started, and we want to comply with the rules established by Public Health,” emphasized the building official.

The two bordering gates were opened at 8.30 AM, and immediately, hundreds of Haitians entered in compliance with the rigorous regulations.

The governor of Dajaón, Rosalba Milagros Peña, the official deputy Darío Zapata and Abigail Bueno, president of the Association of Market Traders, agreed state that the process was carried out normally and that all the protocols required by the authorities were complied with. of Public Health.

Cesfront’s director, General Durán Infante, revealed that they reinforced security in the market area to support the Ministry of Public Health, the mayor’s office, and other agencies that have to do with the border development market.

He also explained that Cesfront had three security rings to keep Haitian buyers and sellers within the market’s perimeter.

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Mal Paso

The blockade in the border market occurred last Thursday morning after the seizure of $ 198,000, as payment for merchandise sold in Haiti, by the Dominican merchant José Sepúlveda.

It was reported that the money was brought to Haiti by a Haitian, inside a sack of rice, as a security measure given the insecurity that reigns in that country.

Sepúlveda declined to provide details about the situation, saying only that an agreement was reached due to the resumption of trade and traffic blocked by merchants in the area.

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