Local May 6, 2021 | 7:33 am

18 months pretrial detention sought in Dominican Republic ‘most complex case’

Santo Domingo.- National District Judge Kenia Romero, recessed for 1pm today, the arraignment for five defendants in Operation Coral, in which the Justice Ministry requested 18 months of pretrial detention.

Anticorruption prosecutor Wilson Camacho said it’s one of the most complex cases the Justice Ministry has handled, due to the amount of information that must be analyzed “to determine how far the alleged network of corruption reaches, which has looted public funds”.

In the case, Maj. Gen. Adán Cáceres, former director of the Presidential Security, the preacher Rossy Guzmán, Col. Rafael Núñez de Aza, the group’s supposed financial mastermind; Lt. Col. Raúl Alejandro Girón; police corporal Tanner Flete Guzmán (Guzman’s son), and Navy Lt. Com. Alejandro José Montero

“We have said that we have built an armored process and we have shown in court that it has been so. This process has been built with the highest quality standard,” said Camacho upon leaving the Ciudad Nueva courthouse.

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