Local November 18, 2021 | 10:32 am

State bank makes it easy for cops to give you a ticket

Santo Domingo.- The State owned Reservas Bank, Reservas Insurance, the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transport (Intrant) and the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transport (Digesett) launched the project “Digital Tags” which will allow traffic cops to issue and verify, in real time and using QR technology, insurance policies for motor vehicles.

Through the agreement, Banreservas donated 500 state-of-the-art portable digital readers to Intrant and Digesett, with integrated Wi-Fi and the ability to read the QR code, which will give access to Reservas Insurance from its partner policy base.

The pact, which will promote road safety, was signed by José Manuel Almonte, sub director of Reservas Insurance, and other senior officials

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Luis Is The Worst President.
November 18, 2021 10:51 pm

Get rid of Luis now. What a horrible president.

hugh BATES
November 20, 2021 10:30 am

Insurance….will contribute to road safety???