Local December 6, 2021 | 4:58 pm

Margarita and Abel criticize the government’s lack of action

The PLD presidential candidate Abel Martínez in his tour of Elías Piña.

Santo Domingo, DR
Two presidential aspirants of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) leveled charges yesterday against the government for the country’s inflation and the scarce vigilance on the border with Haiti.

Former vice president Margarita Cedeño said that the government of change has become “a reversal” because the basic food basket has a high cost that can send many families to poverty. At the same time, the mayor of Santiago, Abel Martínez, maintains that the military vigilance on the border is insufficient to ward off the danger coming from Haiti.

Margarita deplores increases
Dr. Cedeño affirmed that the government of President Luis Abinader has turned into a “change in reverse” because the population is suffering from significant inflation, and there are no public policies to avoid it.

The former Vice President of the Republic said that for a family of six people to eat rice, beans, and chicken in one day requires 500 pesos, “when before we had a basic food basket of 225 pesos a day”, said Cedeño, which for her is a demonstration that the change is a reversal.

Interviewed by Pablo McKinney in his television program “McKinney,” on Color Visión, the PDP presidential hopeful said that in addition to the high cost of food, there is “the increase in fuel, electricity, in all the basic necessities. We are managing an inflation rate of 7%”, said Cedeño.

Insufficient vigilance
Abel Martinez deplored the scarce vigilance observed at the Comendador border post in Elías Piña, where he said he observed the weak military presence and vulnerability in the inspection to cross from the neighboring country. Martinez noted that more extraordinary security measures are necessary at the border posts, assuring that weaknesses are corrected with facts and not with speeches to grab short news headlines.

Inadequate military presence
“We have wanted to feel the situation of the border observing a great weakness, because of the twelve thousand military that are supposedly stationed in the area, here in Comendador there is even less surveillance than normal. It is necessary to reinforce our borderline because, from what we have seen, it is only virtually that they are guaranteeing the vigilance in this zone,” expressed Martinez, after holding political meetings in the zone of Bánica Hondo Valle, Pedro Santana, Juan Santiago, and Comendador.

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December 6, 2021 7:58 pm

WE are still finding out just how corrupt the previous administration is so yes lets think about putting them back in charge of the piggy bank. From the family of the ex president on down to the lowest denominator. Not to say that administrations before the PLD were squeaky clean because they weren’t
So far at least it appears that this administration is at least trying. It’s way to early to start thinking about replacing them, unless you subscribe to the theory of let’s elect the thief that we know, in lúe of the one we don’t.