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Haitians arrive with children to avoid repatriation

Most Haitian women come to give birth to the country. LD /

On Monday, 83 illegal Haitians, including 27 minors, were arrested in Monte Cristi.

Mao, Valverde, DR
Many Haitian immigrants, with the advice of traffickers of undocumented persons who operate on the border from Haiti to the Dominican Republic, began to use the modality of entering the country with children and adolescents to protect themselves and evade persecution, arrests, and repatriation by military and immigration authorities, said some detainees.

According to intelligence agencies of the border and the Northwest, it has been possible to verify that women of Haitian nationality are crossing with Haitian children without being related to them.

Some of the detained immigrants said that they prefer to cross the border in the company of their minor children because when they leave them in the care of other people in Haiti, they are exposed to all kinds of abuse.

The Fourth Brigade of the Army of the Dominican Republic, directed by colonel German Rosario Perez, informed the Listin Diario that 83 illegal Haitians, 27 minors, 26 women, and 30 men, were arrested on Monday in the Gozuela community, Monte Cristi province. Also in operations carried out by the military, in coordination with Migration officials, last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the municipalities of Monción, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Loma de Cabrera, and the municipal district of Santa María, 616 Haitians in rare migratory conditions were arrested, of which 540 were men and 76 women.

The minors

Some of those detained for repatriation purposes were not related to the minors, but they accompanied them to cross the country. “They told us that if we crossed with children and adolescents, things would be better for us here,” said a Haitian woman detained for investigation purposes and who identified herself as Laurane Celestín Pierre.

The immigrant, whose Spanish is barely understood, said that she does not want to continue living in Haiti because there is no “comía” (food), there are many kidnappings, robberies in the streets and houses, there are no “empleás” (jobs),” she complained.

Other Haitian women explained that they prefer to emigrate to the Dominican Republic accompanied by their children and not leave them in the care of others because, in their country, they are victims of physical and sexual abuse.

The trafficking of minors is a recent discovery that the Dominican authorities stationed at the Northern border had not detected for at least four months.

If the children and adolescents are not accompanied by their parents, relatives, and guardians, the Dominican authorities cannot repatriate them.

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Alberto martinez
December 8, 2021 7:16 pm

The haitian mentality is to have as many children as posible so they can help you working or begging in the streets, thats how Haiti became the poorest country in the hemisphere with that mentality

December 8, 2021 8:16 pm

This is by far the stupidest comment I have seen written on this site.

December 9, 2021 3:38 am
Reply to  Peter

Please that comment is not a reflection of who Dominicans are, a lot of these people live in another time space if you know what i mean 😪,

Ramon Garcia
July 27, 2022 9:37 pm
Reply to  Peter

Intentionally or not, Haitian women average 6 to 7 children.

Paul Tierney
December 8, 2021 8:39 pm

This mentality of having many children as you label it is worldwide among poor populations of poor nations. Nations that do not have social programs to support the elderly or infirm. Poor parents suffer themselves to procreate large families so that all or some their children will share to provide for their needs and other family members when the day comes they need help, because it won’t come from the government.

Haiti became and is the poorest nation in the hemisphere because of greed, political power, rulers who assured the destruction of its wealth by being indifferent to the population and the country

My Name Is Not Important
December 9, 2021 9:22 am

Yeah, Haiti is poor is not because of extreme corruption, brutal dictatorships, weak government, little to no rule of law, instability of the state, climate change, and foreign meddling, none of them are the main cause of Haiti’s disparity. It’s their mentality is the main cause.

Brainlet moment

Andre Family
June 3, 2022 6:47 pm

I don’t know of you’re saying out lack of knowledge, general dislike of Haitians or if it’s racially motivated.

Ramon Garcia
July 27, 2022 9:44 pm

Since the international community, including Caricom, don’t do anything to help Haiti, DR must take drastic measures to preserve and protect our nation.