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Specialists call to complete vaccinations

Doctors Claudia Almonte and Evangelina Soler urge to complete the vaccination.

Santo Domingo, DR

Covid cases and deaths in the country fell and now what?

The key to meetings, parties, and family sharing is in the coronavirus vaccine and the behavior of each citizen, and in the week before Christmas Eve and Christmas, specialists call to complete their schedules with the second and third doses to continue the low positivity and lethality that has maintained the month of December in the Dominican Republic.

Cardiologist Claudia Almonte, former president of the Dominican Society of Cardiology, and Dr. Evangelina Soler, president of the Society of Pulmonology, coincide in giving credit to vaccines, the use of masks, and physical distancing.

But, both specialists who have treated thousands of patients with Covid, point out that the most vulnerable must be protected, such as the elderly, those with liver, cardiovascular, and lung problems, among others.

The pulmonologist Soler sees vaccination as the most successful measure that a person can adopt against this disease that has claimed so many lives and that today places the Dominican Republic as one of the privileged countries in the control of the pandemic-

She basically gives credit to the use of masks and above all to the fact that the population has maintained itself by applying the vaccination schemes.

“In addition, with the behavior of citizens when they do so responsibly, the result is that the figures are in our favor, keeping our country among the world’s places in one of the best positions in terms of coronavirus management,” said the specialist.

She also considered important the necessary care to avoid other respiratory conditions such as the influenza virus, infectious processes of any kind in risk groups such as those over 60 years of age and people who have debilitating diseases.

While the cardiologist Almonte calls not to be confident, despite the fact that in the country the decline in infections and hospitalizations due to coronavirus and maintaining health protocols is real. “Pay attention to non-communicable chronic diseases such as cardiovascular (hypertension, heart failure, coronary heart disease, stroke) and diabetes,” said the specialist.


As of Sunday in the Dominican Republic, 5,651,988 had completed the vaccination schedule with two doses; 1,380,926 had the third or booster dose, while 6,910,906 with the first dose, 1,258,918 are pending the second.

In the first two weeks of this month, there were nine deaths and 2,636 new cases. The positivity has ranged between 4.09% and 3.32%.

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