Local March 8, 2022 | 12:38 pm

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Top official says women’s shelters save lives

Santo Domingo. – Women go to the Shelters with their sons and daughters, whose lives are at risk due to gender and domestic violence, and aware that these places are spaces to save lives, the Ministry of Women is focused on that there is, at least, one of these in each one of the provinces.

“Seriously injured women arrive, very injured and hurt. We pay a lot of attention to them so that they receive a warm, humane service… like being in a family that takes care of you, that guides you, that works alongside you, to help you get out of the circle of violence in which you arrived,” assured the minister of the Woman, Mayra Jiménez, in a conversation with Diario Libre.

There are currently fifteen of these shelters in operation, and this year they have the goal of incorporating seven more houses, in addition to a national center with capacity for more than 200 people.

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