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Passengers from the Norwegian Escape cruise ship will leave the country by air

Norwegian Escape cruise ship, stranded in Puerto Plata.

Puerto Plata, DR

The Norwegian Escape cruise ship passengers will be disembarked and transported by air. In contrast, the ship will remain in the Taíno Bay port “until the pertinent evaluations are resolved,” indicates a statement from the dock.

The note establishes that the technical team of the Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, carries out the pertinent revisions to comply with the maintenance and insurance protocols.

The permanence of the vessel docked in the port is defined in the statement as an extra precautionary measure and part of the protocols indicated by the line.

In this sense, it has been determined, by the Consignee Agent, responsible for handling passengers, the disembarkation of tourists who will leave the country via air bound for Miami, Florida.

According to the estimates of the technical team, it is expected that it would be in the next few days when the boat leaves Puerto Plata.

The Port of Taino Bay reiterates its collaboration with the authorities of the Dominican Republic and the NCL cruise line so that the Norwegian Escape ship can return safely to its destination as soon as possible.”

The Norwegian Escape ran aground on Monday afternoon when leaving for Saint Thomas around 5:10 in the afternoon. It remained at the bay’s exit until the afternoon when the tide improved, and the departure maneuvers could be carried out. Then, it was returned to the port for the corresponding evaluations.

The Taíno Bay port has received more than 70 vessels since the start of its operations on December 15, 2021.

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