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More than 11,000 Dominicans received mental health treatment during the pandemic


Women occupied the first place in the number of cases with 68 percent.


Santo Domingo, DR
During the first two years of the pandemic, more than 11,000 Dominicans were treated for mental health problems linked to the spread of Covid-19.

According to a bulletin published by the National Statistics Office, between March 2020 and February of this year, 11,297 people received psychological medical attention for concern about contracting Covid-19, social isolation and economic pressures.

The report, published in March 2022, details that women occupied the first place of the cases with 68 percent (7,635), while men had the remaining figure: 32 percent (3,662).

Interventions corresponded to anxiety disorders with a total of 5,037; sleep disorder with 3,038; 2,077 for depression; 1,847 for stress disorders; 857 for adaptive disorder; and 3,991 for suicidal behaviors.

Other illnesses reported during pandemic

The 2022 Demographic and Social Bulletin reports that no cases of cholera or human rabies were reported in the Dominican Republic during the period studied.

Meanwhile, 7,710 people were infected with dengue; 1,112 with malaria; 498 with leptospirosis; 21 with diphtheria; 57 with tetanus; 14 with pertussis; and 14 with meningococcal disease.

Covid cases

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Health bulletin number 757 of Covid-19 states that there are 118 active cases of Covid; 578,733 cases registered; 574,240 recovered, and 4,375 deaths.

The Citizen Security Observatory reported that between 2020 and 2021, 1,267 suicides were reported in the Dominican Republic, compared to 1,255 in the previous two years, 2018 and 2019.

“Since the pandemic began, 23.7% of deaths correspond to people with hypertension as comorbidity and 14.5% correspond to people with diabetes, which is closely related to the high case fatality rate in elderly people,” the bulletin reports.

The provinces with the highest mortality rates were Duarte, Peravia, San Cristóbal, La Vega, La Romana, San José de Ocoa and Santiago.

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Senor Beard
April 17, 2022 5:42 pm

locked down told you might die if not vaxxed will do it