Local April 20, 2022 | 7:33 am

Onamet maintains alert 21 provinces due to trough

Santo Domingo, DR

The overflow of the Ozama River keeps the Hacienda Estrella de Villa Mella community in Santo Domingo Norte completely incommunicado. At the same time, the National Meteorological Office (ONAMET) predicts that the downpours will continue.

The office reported that the instability in the climate remains associated with the effects of an active trough over the country, which maintains the conditions conducive to the continuation of downpours of moderate to a vigorous intensity at times, accompanied by electrical storms and gusts of wind over a large part of the national geography.

As a preventive measure, Onamet maintains a meteorological alert and warning for 21 provinces, that are under a yellow and green alert by the Emergency Operations Center (COE).

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