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CEMDOE celebrates 1st anniversary with an innovative Patient Care Model

It offers quality- and safety-focused care to ensure excellence in the patient experience.

April 2022.- Marilyn Lazala narrates that she was postponing her cataract surgery for more than 10 years, but the appointment with Dr. Claridanea García gave her a lot of confidence and she decided to have surgery. “The biggest and most beautiful thing about the center was the human warmth, the team took care of me a lot from the moment of the appointment, when I arrived it was a tremendous impression, I thought I was out of the country,” he explains.

Quality and Research (AHRQ) notes that the patient experience encompasses all interactions a patient has with the health care system, such as getting timely appointments, easy access to information, and good communication with service providers as well as the treatment of medical and hospital staff.

In our country, a comprehensive care model focused on the safety, quality and experience of the patient and his family, has sustained the care of the Medical Center for Diabetes, Obesity and Specialties (CEMDOE), during its first year of service.

Referring to the first year of services, Gastón Gabin, CEO of CEMDOE, said that: “Under a standardized and patient-centered model, we seek to be a local and regional reference. This first year that has been challenging and at the same time satisfactory, we grew to 38 specialties and have treated around 20,000 patients together with a team of more than 120 specialists.”

We believe in collaborative innovation in the process of transforming the health sector, which is why we are part of the main business associations in the country, we have made agreements with academic institutions, to promote the updating of the sector in best practices, as well as alliances with other health providers,” said Gabin.

To offer greater facilities to patients, CEMDOE has focused on expanding the catalog of medical insurance. They currently work with most health care providers covering even their basic plans.

In this first year, the most demanded specialties were cardiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, endocrinology, nutrition, and the services of the Diabetic Foot and Diagnostic Imaging Unit, where about 50% of patients were welcomed through the basic health plan.

From the patient’s perspective, digitalization contributes to their empowerment, making them an active agent of their care. In CEMDOE they established several means and channels of contact with users to provide medical information, without affecting their privacy and maintaining the highest levels of security.

Through the electronic medical record as the informative and historical core of clinical data, this modern center offers continuous care, thus facilitating the patient experience.

“Since I arrived at the center the reception was personalized and very pleasant, I was impressed by the human warmth of each person who attended me,” Yikaury María describes her experience at CEMDOE.

This health establishment belongs to the INTEGRA health ecosystem, a group of companies that come together with the aim of contributing to the transformation of the health system in a sustainable way, placing the patient’s well-being at the center of each of the decisions.

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