Local May 19, 2022 | 11:39 am

Power plant at full steam after seaweed cleanup

Santo Domingo.- The Itabo Electricity Generating Company reported this Thursday that the flow of marine macroalgae that affected its Itabo I and Itabo II units has been controlled, for which the two plants re-entered the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI) at full capacity.

According to the statement, company technicians carried out extensive cleaning of fixed and mobile bars, with the support of mechanical equipment, managing to remove a total of 33.28 tons of so-called sargassum until May 17.

This information was offered by the company at a time when various sectors nationwide are raising their voices to denounce the long periods of blackouts to which they are subjected day after day.

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Paul Tierney
May 20, 2022 9:27 am

The power plants may have been overwhelmed by the sargassum. Yet, it asks the question if they were properly prepared to filter the seaweed away from the intakes?

Unfortunately, a culture of RD is don’t fix it unless it is broke. Preventative maintenance to some is a costly second thought. Guess a sargassum barrier was not provided for in the power plants budgets.

What is the cost of the loss of power generation for a few days verses the cost of using a barrier?