Local May 29, 2022 | 7:10 am

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Calm in hospitals, despite increase in Covid infections

Santo Domingo, DR.
Even though the cases of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic are on the increase, calm reigns in the hospitals of the capital.

At the Santo Socorro hospital in Ensanche la Fe, the respiratory triage area remained with empty beds while its surroundings were clear.

The people in the courtyards had family members with other ailments, not coronavirus.

Meanwhile, at the Marcelino Velez hospital, in the Herrera sector, two women were outside waiting for a cesarean section on their 25-year-old sister, who, although she was infected with Covid, was able to carry her pregnancy to term.

The clinic where she had been admitted referred her to Marcelino Velez, where there is an area for treating such cases.

“She is doing very well. Just to avoid complications, the doctors are going to terminate the pregnancy. She has had a complicated pregnancy and we want everything to go well,” said one of her sisters.

Meanwhile, the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital keeps the Covid area closed, and when a case is detected, they refer it to a hospital where they still treat these patients.

On Friday, for example, not a single case arrived from Covid, the doctor on duty reported.

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