Local June 20, 2022 | 4:34 pm

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Arajet airline certified as a flight operator in the country

Santo Domingo, DR.

The interim general director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), Héctor Porcella, officially delivered the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to the Dominican low-priced airline, Arajet, which formally authorizes it to start commercial air transport operations as a safety instrument.

Porcella also delivered to Víctor Pacheco Méndez, executive president of Arajet, the Operations Specifications, a complementary instrument that the IDAC, as an authority, defines and limits the operations for each aircraft model of an air operator.

“As of this moment, Arajet is formally authorized to carry out regular and non-regular air operations (charter flights), air cargo and mail. Likewise, this certification empowers this airline to formalize negotiations with any other airline, from anywhere in the world, always under the tutelage of the civil aviation authorities involved,” said Porcella.The president of Arajet explained that this certification is the materialization of five years of hard work, which “allows us to become the national airline and offer the Dominican diaspora and all our passengers from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean direct flights to and from Santo Domingo with low prices, world-class service, and the best punctuality.”

“We are very proud and optimistic to have received the IDAC Operations Certificate. Our commitment, hand in hand with our investors, is to guarantee operational and financial success, to take the Dominican Republic to the top and farther, strengthening its area connectivity and opening up greater opportunities for the commercial and tourist development of the country,” concluded Pacheco Méndez.

Arajet received its certification after exhausting a rigorous and meticulous legal and regulatory structuring process and evaluations, validations, and training by the Authority. In addition, its operational manuals, technical personnel, operation equipment, operations support, and standard and emergency procedures, which guarantee the effectiveness and safety of operations, were also supervised and approved.

The interim general director of the IDAC urged the executives of Arajet to operate “following the rules and principles of operational safety, with responsibility and pride, since air connectivity is a key economic facilitator to boost productivity, being one of the most important for the economic and social growth of the country and of the passengers, who benefit from this connectivity.”

Porcella concluded by assuring that with this milestone, “Dominican aviation is becoming stronger, and proof of this is that this airline that today received its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) will use state-of-the-art and highly efficient Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, within of a modern aeronautical market that is increasingly demanding of safety and comfort.”

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