Local July 26, 2022 | 11:15 am

Major Dominican Republic graft trial starts Aug. 12

Jean Alain Rodrigez, main suspect.

Santo Domingo.- The defenses of the 41 people and 22 companies involved in the corruption network attributed to former attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez have already been notified of the accusation and the evidence that the Public Ministry has deposited against him, and that they must be debated in a preliminary hearing set for August 12 at 9:00 in the morning.\
The setting for the debates will be a large room located in the Court of Appeals of the National District, where Judge Amauri Martínez, of the Third Court of Instruction of the National District, will have to travel to hear the arguments of the parties in order to decide whether send this case of administrative corruption to a substantive trial or not.
From now on, article 298 of the Criminal Procedure Code allows a period of five days to answer these tests, as explained by the lawyer Cándido Simó, who also went ahead to say that they will need more time to be able to see the great accusation of 12,000 pages.
What’s next now
Article 298 of the Code of Criminal Procedure establishes the following: “When the accusation is filed, the secretary notifies the parties and informs the ministry to make the evidence gathered during the investigation available to the parties, who can examine it. within the common period of five days. By the same act, he summons the parties to an oral hearing..

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Paul Tierney
July 26, 2022 11:26 am

This trial will take forever to arrive to a verdict. There will be a menu of all sorts of delays on the tables. You can be safely assured this trial will cost in the millions. The lawyers will end up being the winners.