Local August 19, 2022 | 8:02 am

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Dozens of fish reportedly died in the Soco River

The Office of the Attorney General for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources is investigating the causes of the death of dozens of fish in the Soco River, which crosses Ramon Santana in San Pedro de Macoris until it flows into the Caribbean Sea.

A press release from the Public Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the investigations, carried out in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, seek to determine if the fish died as a result of an environmental crime to proceed with the prosecution of those responsible.

Francisco Contreras, head of the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office, said that prosecutors accompanied by technicians from the Ministry of the Environment went to the place and took samples to carry out the corresponding expertise.

Citizen denounces
The investigation is after a citizen of San Pedro de Macoris denounced in a video on social networks the death of hundreds of fish at the mouth of the tributary.

Unconfirmed versions indicate that unscrupulous persons had poured a liquid into the waters of the Soco river, which caused the deaths.

The commissioners include biologists, other marine biodiversity experts, water quality technicians, and enforcement representatives. The technicians will conduct inspections of the fish, as well as the water and the boat near the site where the event was reported.

With the investigation, we will also be establishing possible sanctions in case responsible parties are in accordance with Law 64-00 on Environment and Natural Resources.

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