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Crime strikes in Peravia with record of kidnapping, homicide and assaults

Baní, Peravia province, DR.
In Peravia province, a wave of violent acts and robberies has been unleashed, including the kidnapping of a man in Paya, the murder of another in a neighborhood of Baní, and people stripped of their belongings on the highway in rural communities.

On Sunday night, a 26-year-old man was shot in the face in the Santa Rosa neighborhood by an unknown person on a motorcycle. The local Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office are investigating the incident.


The National Police reported on Monday the arrest of a man in the community of Paya, who had kidnapped the father of a brother-in-law for almost 5 hours.

The event kept the neighbors of the neighborhood Los Quemados, in Paya, in suspense and mobilized specialized anti-kidnapping units of the Police and other agencies of the institution.

Carlos Ernesto Carmona, 49 years old, was arrested for kidnapping a 54-year-old man, whose identity was not revealed by the Police.

According to neighbors, Carmona accused his victim of the death of a young woman, which occurred recently in the United States, in conditions that have not yet been clarified.

At the time of his arrest, Carmona had in his possession a 9mm pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun, according to the police report.

Carmona was brought to justice by the investigative bodies that handled the situation.


On an informative note, the National Police also informed the capture of several persons seized with drugs, firearms, and vehicles, and other evidence in different operations carried out this weekend.

The official information details that agents of the South Central Directorate of the National Police, based in Baní, arrested six men, who were occupied by firearms, vehicles, and other evidence, during interventions carried out in different communities, including Villa Fundación, southwest of this southern province.

The detainees are Ángel Danauris Suazo Castillo, 29 years old; Marvin Fortuna, 28; Angel Amauris Arias, 24; Iluminado Gutiérrez, 27; Arsenio Castillo, 29; and Felix Sariel Medina, 30.


Meanwhile, on social networks, residents of different neighborhoods of this southern town denounce the siege to which they are subjected by a group of robbers, who allegedly move “in a Hyundai Sonata car, white, and another gray vehicle.”

These are heavily armed, said to strip people who arrive from their jobs or university of their belongings. Also, to merchants.

Among the localities where they realize the robberies that occurred in Pizarrete, in the Callejón de Los Puello and Los Martínez sector, where they have stripped people of wallets, cell phones, and clothing.

Crossroads of Pizarrete and Catalina

At the crossroads of Pizarrete and Catalina, on the Sanchez highway, parents who go to wait for their children to return from the Capital, where they study and work, denounce that they are stripped of cell phones, wallets, and other belongings, by unscrupulous people who arrive on motorcycles and other vehicles.

The residents demand a constant surveillance operation by the National Police.

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