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Today is the last day of search for missing persons from Cabrera shipwreck

Shipwreck in Cabrera. Stock Photo Listín Diario.

Santo Domingo, DR
This Sunday is the last day in which members of the Dominican Navy and the Civil Defense will search for the people who are still missing from the boat that capsized off the coast of the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, in the vicinity of the municipality of Cabrera.

In a conversation with Listin Diario, Marlon Arias, municipal mayor of Cabrera, explained that the search will last until today; however, from Monday onwards, it will be the fishermen who go out to work who will notify if they find or see anything on the high seas.

“From Monday onwards we will be coordinating with the fishermen, every day when they go out to fish, in case they see something, they will notify us,” indicated Arias.

The mayor said that the search for the remaining people has been intense, but there have been no results; however, yesterday, a container containing gasoline was found, which could have been from the yola bound for Puerto Rico.

Last Wednesday morning, the lifeless body of Junior Faña Martínez was recovered, while precisely one week ago, the body of Narciso Almánzar (Chiquilin) was found.

On the other hand, four people were rescued: Adonis Bonilla, 45; Luis Alfredo González Rodríguez, 28; Germán Ortiz, 44 and Luis Ángel Alvarado Alonso, 24.

A total of 17 people were traveling on the fragile boat bound for the island of Puerto Rico. However, it was shipwrecked in Rio San Juan.

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