Local December 11, 2022 | 9:25 am

Police say that in 72 hours no citizens have been killed by crime

The National Police assured that in the last 72 hours, the deaths of citizens due to crime “remain at zero” due to the “Effectiveness of the prevention and patrolling service” carried out by the institution.

The police report of December 8 also did not register any deaths due to violence or fights, thus “Strengthening the efforts to achieve greater and better peaceful coexistence.”

Likewise, the military agency emphasized that it “continues to respond nationwide to cases of robberies registered” by arresting the persons involved in the events and recovering the stolen goods.

Police actions in December
In December, the National Police deployed thousands of agents in the streets to increase patrolling and control crimes in coordination with the military.

These actions are in addition to the strategies of the police force, as part of the reform plan for its professionalization and technification, with the encouragement of President Luis Abinader.

As part of the new strategies, the patrolling by quadrants and the incorporation of 336 members to tactical units, with more skills and training to face criminality, were innovated.

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Mr. Sensible
December 11, 2022 5:42 pm

Well, well, well…don’t we take all the credit when 72 hours is just 3 days. Does this mean not all police are staring at their phones? Is it unusual to go 3 days without a death due to crime? I think not.