Local March 17, 2023 | 9:08 am

Spanish descendants have until October 2024 to manage citizenship

Recently the Congress of Spain approved a law that allows the Dominicans of Spanish descent, to acquire citizenship and with it all the rights that it entails. Since last October, when the Spanish Congress approved the Democratic Memory Law or better known as the “grandchildren’s law”, there is a probability that the descendants of Spaniards, who reside in the Dominican Republic and in Latin America, can carry documents from Spain. In a conversation that Listin Diario held with the specialist lawyer at foreigners, migration, and asylum, Máchelin Díaz, the main characteristics that include this law were raised, including the temporality of the Ordinance, which will only be in force until October 2024.

“I come to disseminate this law since it has a temporary time of two years and we have undertaken this route because we know that in the Dominican Republic, it can benefit many people for the great Spanish offspring that there is here (in the country),” said Díaz, who through the “Nationalízate” route has visited different Latin countries to disseminate the information.

According to the lawyer, the objective of approving the law is to compensate the victims who suffered the consequences of the Spanish Civil War.

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