Local March 21, 2023 | 3:33 pm

Gonzalo Castillo’s doctor: “He is very healthy and stable”

Dr. Plutarco Restituyo, who is the doctor of Gonzalo Castillo, has stated that his patient is currently in good health and is calm. Upon leaving the small prison located on the fourth floor of the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, where the former Minister of Public Works and former PLD presidential candidate is being held, Dr. Restituyo confirmed that Castillo has everything he needs for his health and everything is currently under control. The doctor also mentioned that he perceives his patient’s spirits as very positive.

Castillo has been in detention for over 48 hours alongside former Minister of Finance, Donald Guerrero, former administrative minister of the presidency, José Ramón Peralta, and several other former public officials. The Permanent Attention Court of the National District will hear this afternoon the request for a measure of coercion, consisting of preventive detention. It is important to note that Castillo, who is a member of the political committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), was arrested early Sunday morning after being linked to the Operation Squid corruption network by the public prosecutor.

The prosecution body has stated in the search request document made in this corruption case that Castillo received $3,957,000,000.00 from Manuel Emilio Jiménez (Mimilo), who is one of the accused, to finance his political campaign for the presidency of the country. The document reveals that these resources were received by Castillo in bags and travel suitcases. The Public Ministry has affirmed that it has evidence that Castillo received this amount in cash, with most cases personally from Mimilo Jiménez.

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