Local July 5, 2023 | 3:52 pm

The danger of traveling through the old Avenida Barceló in Santo Domingo Este

Walking along Avenida P. Margen, formerly Barceló, on the east bank of the Ozama River poses a risk of accidents due to the deteriorated condition of a section of the road. A hole, approximately three meters in diameter and seven feet deep, has formed, creating a hazardous situation.

Located near the wetlands area of the port, the hole has been caused by stormwater currents that have completely destroyed a section of the sidewalk and part of the road. Drivers who use the road during rush hour must exercise extreme caution to avoid slipping into the hole.

Despite the existence of this problem for years, there are no warning signs indicating the danger, and no authority has taken an interest in correcting this failure. The continuous flow of water has eroded the area, exacerbating the problem.

Luis Méndez, a regular passerby who uses the road to avoid traffic congestion on his way to work, admits that he has come close to having an accident at the location. He expressed his concerns, saying, “I haven’t had an accident because I know the area, but it’s dangerous. They’ll only fix it once someone gets hurt there.”

Pablo Medrano, another user of the road, emphasizes its importance as part of the riverbank’s revitalization project led by the current administration of the Mayor’s Office, headed by Manuel Jiménez. However, he expressed disappointment over the lack of attention given to the road. He said, “There has been negligence from the authorities and the Public Works department. Many people use this road to save time but just look at its current state. We have major events coming up, and I hope none of the visitors have an accident at this spot.”

Avenida P. Margen is an important avenue that connects the floating bridges with Duarte and Professor Juan Bosch along the entire Ozama River bank. It serves as a relief route for residents in areas such as Ensanche Ozama, Alma Rosa, Los Mina, and Santo Domingo Este, as well as those traveling from the National District to the municipality.

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