Local July 10, 2023 | 4:54 pm

Juliana O’Neal says the government makes more propaganda than actual help towards cancer patients

Santo Domingo.- La diputada Juliana O’Neal has criticized the government, accusing it of improvisation and prioritizing propaganda over taking action to improve conditions for cancer patients.

O’Neal expressed her indignation and concern over the government’s focus on spending on advertising campaigns in the mainstream media, which she believes misinforms the Dominican society about the actual conditions faced by cancer patients who struggle to obtain their medications.

In a tweet accompanied by photos of newspapers with government advertisements on their front pages, O’Neal stated, “With the millions that the government @PresidenciaRD, @SaludPublicaRD spent on these two front-page ads in six newspapers today, they could have purchased more medications or made donations to cancer patient shelters. It’s more improvisation and propaganda than action.”

As a representative of the Partido de la Fuerza del Pueblo for Santo Domingo Este, O’Neal pointed out that the government is attempting to cover up the truth and sell the idea to society that everything is fine for cancer patients, while the reality is quite different.

She continued to receive complaints from patients who shared their experiences of being put on waiting lists without receiving any response or experiencing delays in receiving their medications or being offered biosimilar drugs.

O’Neal added that the authorities are disconnected from the concerns of cancer patients and that their quick response of placing advertisements and spreading misinformation is just another example of their improvised actions.

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Paul Tierney
July 11, 2023 9:33 am

“makes more propaganda” is part of Dominican culture. People make promises, boast about what they can do, and how well they do tt. When it comes time to act, there is nothing, speechlessness.