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First-ever Xtreme Kitesurfing Challenge in the Dominican Republic

It all kicks off in Cabarete Windsurfing and kite-surfing Mecca of the DR

Renn Loren

Shining Light on the Dominican Republic with an Xtreme Challenge

This August, Cabarete will be hosting the first-ever Xtreme Challenge in the Dominican Republic.

Anyone familiar with the Dominican Republic, windsurfing or kitesurfing will know that in the DR: Cabarete is Surf Town Central.

Later this month the scenic windy beach town will host the first-ever Downwinder North Coast Challenge. The Xtreme Challenge is a test of physical endurance, skills, and resolve pitting some of the best watermen and water women against each other, themselves, and 70 miles of the wild windblown wilderness of open sea along the north coast of Hispaniola.

In the words of founder and organizer Charles Osterlund:

We have organized and created an Xtreme Kiteboarding Challenge. A select group of watermen and water women will attempt to kiteboard over 70 miles from Cabarete to Buen Hombre. A total of 12 National and International kiteboarders will join in Cabarete to undertake this first-ever Xtreme Challenge.

Things are going to get Xtreme later this month in Cabarete

The kiters who are chosen for this quest share over 150 years of kiteboarding experience and over 100,000 hours of time on the water. Despite their skills, they will have to push themselves beyond anything they have ever done before. This contest will be a demanding display of their athletic abilities. Xtreme Challenges are not only done to awe people but also, more importantly, to inspire people to push themselves.

We are honored and proud to have received such enthusiastic support of individuals and businesses around the Dominican Republic and beyond. This first Xtreme challenge is a glimpse into the future of more extreme challenges that are to happen!

As we get closer to August 12-18, we will decide on the day to launch the downwinder. Stay Tuned!

Follow the adventure at IG@LBCABARETE 

A few words from the organizers and founders

“Since when I started kiteboarding… I loved downwinder… The downwinder is like a journey, which starts as often as you want, not much to plan, just you and some wind. I am so excited about the idea of ​​exploring new horizons and new landscapes. The real challenge for me is not the distance, it is to be alone with myself…see you all on the ocean” -Samuela Mule (Organizer, Water Woman & Participant)

“Pushing the limits is what I live for. Whether those limits are mental or physical, I want to hit that wall and break it. This Xtreme Challenge started off as a joke and here we are now; actually doing it! Can’t wait to attempt it!” -Charles Osterlund (Event Founder, Organizer, Waterman & Participant)

Contact Charles Osterlund – Event Founder & Organizer, or Samuela Mule – event Organizer, for further inquiries or media-related information.

Xtreme Challenge Downwinder- Dominican Republic

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