People March 23, 2021 | 2:37 pm

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This is how Jennifer López said goodbye to her delightful days in the Dominican Republic

Jennifer López got the world to talk about the Dominican Republic during the days she spent in these blissful lands of the Antillean Caribbean, where she was filming the JLo film “Shotgun Wedding.”

In the artist’s opinion, she felt she was in “paradise” in a beautiful village in the eastern part of the half-island.

Here she experienced a “break” and a new beginning with her fiancé, Alex Rodríguez, and even international paparazzi mobilized to be the first to capture her with or without him. Also, on this island nation, she celebrated her twins’ birthdays and even Valentine’s Day.

Finally, the dancer said goodbye to these days in the country, a farewell that could be seen through a video showing her gratitude for and from the Dominican Republic.

She appreciated how well the local crew treated her during her stay in María Trinidad Sánchez province, where the movie “Shotgun Wedding” was being filmed.

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