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ISFODOSU’s FEM campus hosts first-ever Student Colloquium

Santo Domingo.- The Félix Evaristo Mejía (FEM) campus of the Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña (ISFODOSU) in Santo Domingo recently held its first-ever Student Colloquium. The event, titled “Innovation and Discovery: The Colloquium of Curious Minds,” aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their projects and research developed during their academic journey.

Over 200 students from FEM participated in this day-long event. The colloquium’s goal was to create a space for the exchange of ideas and to highlight the innovative work being carried out by the students.

Dr. Glenny Bórquez, the executive vice-rector of the campus, expressed her gratitude to the staff and particularly to Belkis Duarte, the coordinator of the Research Directorate, for their hard work in organizing the event.

“Today, we are delighted to host an academic event of such high caliber. This is a testament to the educational experience at ISFODOSU, particularly here at the FEM campus,” Dr. Bórquez remarked. She emphasized that these activities are crucial for supporting teaching practices and reflect the values and educational philosophy envisioned by ISFODOSU’s founders.

Dr. Glenny Bórquez, executive vice-rector of the FEM campus. (Photo: Isfodosu)

Belkis Duarte, the colloquium coordinator and head of research at FEM, noted that this Student Colloquium serves as a precursor to the upcoming Student Congress and the 2024 Student Congress on Scientific and Technological Research (CEICyT 2024).

“This event showcases a variety of talents through presentations and demonstrations across different fields, including exhibits, poetry, singing, and dancing,” Duarte said.

The main session was led by Ruth Ramos, an alumna of ISFODOSU with a degree in Basic Education and a master’s in Spanish Language and Literature. Ramos presented on “The Challenges of Research in the Training of Future Teachers” and read Gabriel Celaya’s poem “Educar.”

Ramos expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to share her research experiences and highlighted the importance of research as a tool for acquiring knowledge, understanding the educational landscape, and implementing innovative strategies to improve educational practice.

Ruth Ramos and professor Belkis Duarte. (Photo: Isfodosu)

The colloquium was divided into several segments, with the first cycle of presentations moderated by student Fraidely Acevedo and Professor Natalia Perez. The second cycle was overseen by Camil Herman, and the event concluded with remarks by Belkis Duarte.

Among the topics discussed were: The Impact of Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the Teaching-Learning Process of Mathematical Applications by students Mariela Encarnación, Matilde Adames Peralta and Lilian Novas Valdez; Challenges in Academic Writing Among University Pedagogy Students presented by Mariam Martínez Alexia, Ozuna and Indimar Ventura; and Rethinking the Teaching of Grammar: From Rules to Reflective Use by Hermes Pimentel and Neihel Lorenzo.

The event was attended by Bethania Valdez, head of postgraduate studies, as well as faculty and coordinators including Bilda Valentín (Psychology), David Ventura (Mathematics), and Roger Rojas (Research), among others.


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