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Senate honors Los Hermanos Rosario for 45 years in art and culture

Santo Domingo.- The Senate of the Republic honored the musical group Los Hermanos Rosario on Wednesday, recognizing their 45 years of contributions to art and culture. The ceremony, led by Senate President Ricardo de los Santos, celebrated the group’s dedication and impact on Dominican music.

De los Santos praised the group’s hard work and the values upheld by the Rosario family, emphasizing their positive influence on Dominican art and culture. “You have filled the Dominican Republic with joy since you emerged. In the Senate, we honor your enduring commitment to work, sacrifice, and honesty,” he stated.

Senator Virgilio Cedano, who proposed the resolution, thanked his fellow senators for unanimously approving the recognition. Cedano highlighted the pride felt by the people of Higüey for Los Hermanos Rosario’s musical achievements. “The Rosario family represents La Altagracia province. They became professional musicians through hard work and have consistently supported social causes,” Cedano remarked.

Rafa Rosario, the group’s leader, expressed gratitude to the Senate and Senator Virgilio Cedano for the recognition. He extended thanks to other notable figures from Higüey and Santo Domingo. “We thank the Senate President Ricardo de los Santos and our friend, Senator Virgilio Cedano, for this honor. Thanks to God for our talent, allowing people to enjoy merengue. Glory to God,” Rafa said.

The event concluded with a performance by the Pepe Rosario Musical Foundation Choir, directed by Maestro Leonardo Rodríguez.

The resolution notes that Los Hermanos Rosario was founded on May 1, 1978, and has since received numerous national and international awards. The ceremony took place in the Multipurpose Hall of the Upper House and was attended by senators, deputies, and other dignitaries.

Los Hermanos Rosario members Rafa, Tony, Luis, and Francis were accompanied by their manager René Solís, family members, and musicians.

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