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Lilian Núñez presents “Fireflies in the Caribbean Sea” at Madrid book fair

Madrid.- Lilian Núñez, a prominent Dominican businesswoman and author residing in Madrid, celebrated the opportunity to sign copies of her acclaimed novel “Fireflies in the Caribbean Sea” during the prestigious Madrid Book Fair, a global literary highlight.

Núñez, known for her dedication to literature alongside her successful business career, aims to share her stories with a broad and diverse audience. “Fireflies in the Caribbean Sea” marks her fourth novel, reflecting her commitment to reaching new heights in literature and honoring her Dominican heritage with pride.

At the fair, Núñez received a warm reception from both Spaniards and Latinos residing in Madrid. “I am proud to see how Latinos came together to support my book. I feel fortunate because it’s not easy for immigrants to take time off work to support a writer,” Núñez remarked.

This marks Núñez’s second participation in the Madrid Book Fair, an event that gathers acclaimed writers from around the world. She dreams of empowering Latinos to take pride in their achievements. “It’s important to highlight not only the challenges but also our successes,” she emphasized.

Despite facing challenges in her career, Núñez remains resilient. “I’ve learned that when opportunities don’t come to you, you must go after them. Step by step, I’m achieving my goals and carving out my space. I thrive on working under pressure,” she added confidently.

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