Tourism August 22, 2018 | 8:10 pm

US$35.9B in income from 36M visitors in the last 6 years

La Vega, Dominican Republic. – Tourism minister, Francisco Javier García, on Wed. praised the progress he affirms has been made in promoting religious tourism in the country, and milestones such as the arrival of nearly 36 million visitors during the last six years.

He labeled tourism one of the government brightest points, as evidenced by the US$35.9 billion in income during Danilo Medina’s six years in office.

The official said in those six years of, the tourism industry created 122,270 direct jobs, from 201,235 in 2012 to 323,595 in 2017.

Speaking at an activity in his honor in the village Los Delgados, Garcia added that 11,215 rooms have been built in six years, going from 66,044 in 2012, to 77,259 last year, “without counting the amount of new hotels being built in this 2018.”

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