Tourism June 26, 2019 | 7:25 am

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Bahía de las Águilas has a tourism development project

Santo Domingo.- The Canadian company Lemay and the Pedernales Fiduciary Committee on Tues. presented the Province’s tourism development project, including Bahía de las Águilas to president Danilo Medina.

The proposed model for Pedernales is an eco-tourism destination, based on excursions and wellness experiences, focused on adventurous and high standard tourists.

The plan identifies the various zones to develop hotels and excursions, as well as the necessary public infrastructure.

“This focus allows us to diversify the country’s tourist offer, because instead of replicating the developments in other poles, it would poise the Dominican Republic to attract other market niches,” said Presidency chief of staff, Gustavo Montalvo.

The developers take into account Pedernales’ condition as a destination, emphasizing its natural conditions.

The Canadian consultants rated Pedernales as “a unique destination in the region,” due to the diversity of microclimates and the variety of endemic flora and fauna.

“We are committed to developing Pedernales tourism with a strict respect for nature. We must be a regional and global example of conscious tourism. Environmental respect and integration with the community are elements highly valued by tourists,” said Montalvo.


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