World March 9, 2023 | 10:44 am

Police find a millionaire treasure booty in Italy at the home of a retiree

The Italian police found loot valued at more than six million dollars in the home of a retiree, the result of robberies committed over twenty years, and which included diamonds, luxury watches, and a mammoth tooth. “Hundreds of thousands of precious objects and stones (…) characterized by their high value” were found in Bologna (north) at the home of the man, about 70 years old, unknown to the courts, the prosecutor said in a statement.

According to the catalog consulted by AFP, the loot included silver objects, medals, coins, rings, cameos, ornaments and brooches, collectible weapons, and even a mammoth tooth. Police posted photos of the stolen items online so their owners could identify them and request their return.

Investigators found the loot by following people who regularly visited the retiree’s home.

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