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On March 6, the sentence of the Operation 13 trial will be known

After listening to the former administrator of the National Lottery, Luis Maisichell Dicent, who, upon assuming his defense, accused the Specialized Prosecutor for the Prosecution of Corruption (Pepca), of being a “hardware mouse”, the judges of the Second Collegiate Court of The National District announced that they will issue their ruling on the substantive trial of Operation 13 on March 6. “Whoever is a hardware store mouse is the prosecutor’s office (La Pepca) the hardware store mouse when it can’t escape, it pees and rusts, you rust, you hurt the country, may God forgive you all,” said the former official and main defendant in the alleged fraud of more than 500 million pesos in the National Lottery draw on May 1, 2021.

Dicent expressed himself in this way when alleging that he has been accused of everything, as a thief, a criminal, and a mouse, but that Pepca must prove all these accusations. The court attorney, Mirna Ortiz, Pepca’s Litigation Coordinator, responded to the accusations made by Dicent as follows: “Those who do not have arguments in law regularly tend to allude to personal aspects, but we are prepared for that.”

Ortiz said she hopes that judges Claribel Nivar, Yissel Soto, and Katherine Rubio will sentence the ten defendants for the large amount of evidence they have submitted to prove their guilt.

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